Taikai registration
  • The registration for the Taikai has to be done via the registration form. Please download the registration form, complete it and send it by post to the following address:
    Bujinkan Arashi Dojo e.V., Postfach 1529, 37005 Göttingen/Germany.
  • The registration (by post or online) is valid, when you have transferred the whole amount or the prepayment (60,00 €) to the account of the Bujinkan Arashi Dojo e.V. (IBAN DE79 2605 0001 0000 1706 39 and BIC NOLADE21GOE). We are going to confirm your registration via e-mail shortly after your payment.
  • You can also register personally at the Taikai in Göttingen.
  • Registration and payment of the whole/remaining amount is possible at the Hochschulsportzentrum Göttingen on the following days,
    Thursday, 2nd of October 2014: 8.30pm to 10pm,
    Friday, 3rd of October 2014: 7am to 9:00am,
    Saturday, 4th of October 2014: 7am to 9am,
    Sunday, 5th of October 2014: 8am to 9am.
  • NOTE: Please bring a copy of your postal registration with you when you register at the Taikai Deutschland in Göttingen.
Training package/fee
  • The training package contains the registration for one, two or three days of the event.
  • Fee
    • For the fee please check the Taikai Homepage Prices.
    • The fee can be transfered as the whole amount or as a prepayment of 60,00 €. Please transfer the fee to the account of Bujinkan Arashi Dojo e.V., IBAN DE79 2605 0001 0000 1706 39 and BIC NOLADE21GOE.
  • Prepayment
    • To register at the Taikai Deutschland 2014, it is necessary to do a prepayment of 60,00 €.
    • The prepayment of 60,00 € can't be refunded.
    • Due to organisational reasons the remaining amount has to be payed at the Taikai.
  • Group discount
    • The group discount applies to 5 or 10 people from one Dojo. The group discount is only for attendees, who stay for 3 days. For prices of the group discount, please check the Taikai Homepage Prices.
    • The prepayment of 60,00 € can't be refunded.
    • Due to organisational reasons the remaining amount has to be payed at the Taikai.
    • Each person of a group has to register independently on the "Registration Form for Groups" by post.
    • IMPORTANT for the group discount:
      - If a group of 9 people registers before July 31st, but the tenth person registers after July 31st 2014 the group automatically loses the 10-persons group discount. The same applies to the 5-persons group discount.
      - If you've got already the 10- or 5-persons group discount, but one of your remaining dojo members registers after July 31st 2014, then just this person does not get the group discount.
  • Children/Teenager
    • Please check the fee for children and teenagers under the Taikai Homepage Prices.
    • For children from 3 to 12 years there is going to be a seperate kids program. Please check the Taikai homepage under Training Schedule.
    • Teenager from 13 to 15 years can attend the kids program from 3 to 12 years, too. Teenagers, who are 13 years or older may attend the training of the adults.
    • We are going to have a child care for the kids from 3 to 12 years. The child care is parallel to the kids program. For more details please check the Taikai homepage under Training Schedule.
    • Children and teenagers are excluded from the group discount.
  • The pre-order for the Taikai-T-Shirts ended.
  • The Taikai-T-Shirt will be printed with the Taikai-Logo. Please mark the size of your T-Shirt on the registration form, if you wish to buy one. The print is going to be in color.
  • The Taikai-T-Shirt will be 20,00 €. For children and teenagers the Taikai-T-Shirt in size 110/116, 122/128, 134/146 and 152/164 will be 15,00 €.
  • The Taikai-T-Shirt for children and teenagers has to be ordered via the online registration form or the postal form.
  • There will be a limited contingent of additional Taikai-T-Shirts for adults at the event in the following sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL. No children and teenager sizes and no women sizes will be available at the Taikai.
Overnight stay and catering
  • Overnight stay in the gym includes breakfast
    • The overnight stay in the gym includes breakfast and will be 8,00 € per person per night.
    • The registration for the overnight stay in the gym has to be done through the registration form and has to be payed at the Taikai.
  • Youth Hostel, includes breakfast
    • The Youth Hostel has to be booked until June 31st 2014 via the online registration form or the registration form sent by post. It includes breakfast.
    • Staying at the Youth Hostel can only be booked if you stay at least for two nights.
    • The booking for single attendees or groups is done by the Bujinkan Arashi Dojo e.V. The Taikai Team will evaluate the postal and the online registration forms, which are marked with staying "In Hostel" by the end of March and end of July. If there are specific requests in regads to roommate combinations, please send us an e-mail to info@taikai-deutschland.de with the subject "Jugendherberge Zimmerbelegungswunsch". We try to take the request into account.
    • The following room arrangements are possible: 6 single bedrooms, 9 double bedrooms, 16 four-bed
      rooms, 1 five-bed room, 1 six-bed room, 1 five-bed appartement.
    • Families can only register for the Youth Hostel with a valid family card for "Youth Hostel".
    • Families, who have a family card for Youth Hostels, please contact us under info@taikai-deutschland.de.
      Therefore, the following information is important for families:
      - E-mail subject: "Buchung Jugendherberge für Familie"
      - The e-mail has to contain the following information: Name and first name of the person, who wants to book, number of adults, number of children, booking for 2 or 3 nights, telephone number.
  • Hotel
    • We reserved about 100 rooms in the following hotels for Taikai attendees: Hotel Best Western, Hotel Astoria, InterCityHotel, Hotel Rennschuh.
    • Each hotel has single rooms, double bedrooms and some have three-bed rooms.
    • The attendee has to book the room by him-/herself. The keyword for the reservation is "Taikai".
    • The reservation of the hotels lasts until August 1st, 2014.
  • The Taikai-Gala-Evening is taking place on October 4th, 2014 at 8pm and ends at 12am. We have a multi-course dinner in the evening (with entree, main dish and dessert). Music and other artistic entertainment is part of the evening program.
  • Everyone who wants to attend the Taikai-Gala-Evening has to register beforehand. This is possible on the online application form as well as the postal form.
  • Until July 31st 2014 the Taikai-Gala-Evening will be 25,00 €.
  • After July 31st 2014 the Taikai-Gala-Evening will be 35,00 €
  • The amount for children and teenagers for the Taikai-Gala-Evening:
    - Children up to 5 years don't have to pay.
    - Children up to 12 years pay 10,00 €.
    - Teenagers up to 16 years pay 15,00 €.
  • Final registration has to be done by September 22nd, 2014.
  • If you want to take your children to the Taikai-Gala-Evening, please send an e-mail to info@taikai-deutschland.de.
Liability note
  • I assure to be physically and mentally healthy and to inform every instructor about all known illnesses on my own initiative. I am aware that withholding any information whatsoever on illnesses
    can effect my health severely. Training attendance is at my own risk. The host, the representatives or any instructor do not assume any liability. That does not include injuries to life, body, or health
    and damages resulting from gross negligence or intent. A refund of the seminar fee is not possible. The German version hereof alone shall be legally binding.
Taikai booklet
  • Every attendee will get a Taikai booklet at the beginning of the event.
  • We are planning to produce a Taikai-Photo-Booklet. The Taikai-Book contains photographical impressions taken during the Taikai Deutschland 2014. Due to organisational reasons you have to order the book on-site at the Taikai. A payment of 20,00 € has to be done on-site (the postage for internationl delivery is not yet included). The Taikai-Book will be sent to you via mail about 10 weeks after the Taikai. For more information, please contact us via e-mail (info@taikai-deutschland.de) or ask us at the Taikai itself.
Taikai DVD
  • We are planning to produce a Taikai Deutschland 2014 DVD.